Saori@destiny is confirmed to be back under the new stage name “Saoriiiii”, the meaning of which is “My destiny turned out to be a lot of love”. (love = ai = i = a lot of “i”s)
she’ll be performing at Guruguru Mawaru 2014 on the 15th of September along with acts like her old friends CANDLES and Pour Lui’s band LUI FRONTiC Matsukuma Japan.
she seems to be working as an artist affiliated with the agency On-do, which hosts other acts like CANDLES (who produced songs from Aira Mitsuki’s last album) and Recoride (who wrote Saori’s “Stainless Starlight”).
since she’s presumably no longer affiliated with D-topia, it’s doubtful whether she’ll be able to perform any of her songs from back then, but she’s currently recording new material. 
you can follow her Twitter at @Saoriiiii_Staff for updates.
Saori@destiny on Tessy of Candles twitter



Apparently they were out for tea~

She’s still alive/breathing and I’m soooo happy~!

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Curumi Chronicle makes a new tumblr account

Follow her on!!! P.S: she’s probably been checking the Curumi tag all along….
It’s been two years Saori@destiny

So I just looked down at my calendar and I just noticed…

It’s been two years since Saori@destiny’s disappearance from the Japanese music market.

Two years and month to be exact.

Time is flying by… wow! It’s still really sad.

I mean, I don’t think I’ll honestly ever be completely over her just leaving. Not because she’s the most talented musician, no. There are a lot of musicians out there that…

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クルミクロニクル (Curumi Chronicle) releases a new free song

クルミクロニクル released a new song yesterday called VOICE (ft.USAGI DISCO) in celebration of her one year anniversary this Saturday.

You can download it here:

pw: 0405

Haven’t gave it a good listen, but the one listen I did give it I thought it was excellent.

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